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If your contract was concluded after 28.11.2018 please follow the link to our Claims Portal.

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Please download corresponding claim form for all contracts

  • which were concluded until 28.11.2018

  • which are part of Credit Card Services
  • from STA Travel
  • or if you do not have any contract information

Claim Form Travel Cancellation, Curtailment and Annulation Insurance (PDF 721 KB)

Claim Form Foreign Travel Health Insurance (PDF 621 KB)

Claim Form Travel Luggage Insurance (PDF 186 KB)

Claim Form Travel Accident Insurance (PDF 547 KB)

Claim Form Liability Insurance (PDF 592 KB)

Claim Form CDW (PDF 167 KB)

Claim Form Camper Interior Insurance (PDF 101 KB)

Please make sure that all requested documents are attached. This significantly speeds up processing your claim. If you would like to send us the documents by e-mail, please send them to the e-mail address stated on the claim form. In this case, please do not send any documentes additionally by mail or fax as we do not need documents twice.

FAQ & important notices
FAQ & important notices

What must you do in each event of loss or damage?

You must minimise the damage or loss to the extent possible and provide evidence of the damage or loss sustained. Therefore, please retain appropriate evidence detailing the occurrence of the loss or damage ( e.g. confirmation of loss or damage, medical report) and the extent of the loss, damage or injury (e.g. invoices, receipts). Please file your claim as soon as possible.

What are your obligations if it is doubtful whether you will be able to begin your travel?

If an insured event makes it untenable or impossible to travel, you must cancel the travel without delay and inform us accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: If the hoped-for full recovery or improvement in health is not achieved in the case of a serious illness or accidental injury, and therefore you cancel the travel after all at a subsequent point in time, the following will apply: we will not refund the higher cancellation costs incurred due to the delay in cancellation. Please get in contact with us – regardless of your doctor's assessment of your prospects for recovery. Always contact our cancellation advice department without delay following the occurrence of an illness or accidental injury. Your insurance benefits will not be curtailed, if you follow our recommendations regarding if and when the travel should be cancelled.

If an insured event occurs, we will refund you the contractually payable cancellation fees less the agreed deductible.

To do so, we will require

  • the booking confirmation with details of the services booked, the persons travelling and the cost of the trip,
  • the proof of insurance,
  • the cancellation fee statement as well as proof of payment (if cancelling a holiday home or another type of property, please also provide a confirmation from the letting company that it was not possible to relet the property),
  • documentary proof of the loss:
  • in the case of illness, accidental injury, adverse reactions to a vaccination or pregnancy, a medical report will be required (containing date of birth, details of when illness and treatment started, and the diagnosis). We can provide you with a medical report template on request. If relevant, we will also require a certificate of incapacity for work
  • a death certificate in the case of death
  • your employer's letter of dismissal, including reasons for dismissal etc., in the event of losing your job.

Please call our cancellation advice (+49.89.6 24 24-245) to obtain advise whether you need to cancel immediately, or whether you can still wait and see.

What are your obligations if you are unable to complete your trip as planned?

If due to an insured event you have to unexpectedly end or interrupt your trip, please provide us with the following documents so that your costs can be refunded:

  • the booking confirmation with details of the services booked, the persons travelling and the cost of the trip
  • the proof of insurance
  • documents showing the additional costs of return transport and a statement from the tour operator detailing the unused travel services
  • the proof of injury / loss, e.g. medical report from the doctor at the holiday destination (containing date of birth, details of when illness and treatment started, and the diagnosis) or police report etc. of the accident

What are your obligations if you become ill or suffer an injury or other emergency while travelling?

If you sustain a serious injury or become ill, contact our Emergency Assistance service – particularly before any hospital admission – in order that we can ensure proper treatment and arrange return transport if necessary. To ensure the reimbursement of the costs you incurred while on travel, please submit the original invoices and / or prescriptions.

Important: The invoices must include the name of the person who received treatment, a description of the illness and the itemised medical services with the relevant costs. Prescriptions must contain information concerning the prescribed drugs, the prices and the stamp of the pharmacy.

What options does Real-Time give you, if you become ill and would like to receive medical treatment?

You can call us before receiving treatment for health-related problems. We will verify whether the criteria for Real-Time are fulfilled on the basis of a preliminary assessment. If this is the case, we will arrange for the Real-Time card to be promptly topped up. You can use this credit card to pay the medical and / or pharmacy bill.

What are your obligations if your luggage is damaged or stolen?

If your luggage is damaged or lost during carriage, please report this promptly to the company responsible. If you only detect the damage / loss at a later point in time (when unpacking your belongings, for example), you must report this in writing within seven days of the acceptance.Important: Airline companies and rail companies issue a confirmation of damage / loss report, which you must submit to us.In the case of damage that you discover at your holiday destination, the tour operator will help you to obtain a written confirmation of the loss report. In the case of theft and other criminal offences, please report this promptly to the nearest police station. Ask for a copy of the police report or at least a confirmation that you have reported a complaint.What options does Real-Time give you, if your luggage goes missing on the outbound journey?Please report this promptly to the carrier and call us to provide us with the case number. Or: Send us the carrier's confirmation of damage/loss report by email or MMS. We will top up the Real-Time Card in accordance with the agreed insurance cover. This will enable you to make your replacement purchases. In this case, you will no longer be entitled to a refund of your expenses for the recovering of your luggage or to make necessary replacement purchases.

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