Your Travel Cancellation Insurance protects you against costly cancellation charges should you be unable to take your holiday as planned. 
A international health insurance policy provides cover for acute illness or accidents suffered abroad.
Date of birth of travelers 1
Date of birth of travelers 1
Our packages allow you to combine travel cancellation, foreign health, travel third party liability and Travel Accident Insurance.
Restrictions or exclusions may apply when staying in or travelling to areas for which the Foreign Office has issued travel warnings, depending on the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.
Important information and answers to your questions about your insurance cover can be found on Coronavirus-Info.
  • You fall ill before your holiday and have to cancel your travel. You injure yourself or fall ill abroad and require assistance. Your luggage gets lost or stolen.
  • A travel insurance policy from Allianz Travel provides you with a strong partner with a large protective network available around the clock.
  • Find out about our various travel insurance packages that can protect you before and during your trip.
Travel Cancellation Insurance reimburses you the cancellation costs if you have to cancel your trip.
The CDW component of our Rental Vehicle Insurance protects you from costly deductibles when renting cars and motorhomes. 
International health insurance protects you from costly treatment and hospital charges if a loss or damage event occurs. 
The health insurance policy for foreign visitors to Germany and the EU/Schengen area. 
Our travel insurance package includes cancellation insurance, international health insurance and more.
Our special insurance for tickets and events. 
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Of course, there's a difference between taking a short spa break in Austria and back-packing through Canada for four weeks – we understand that. So, we offer you a broad range of travel insurance policies so you can create one that suits you, your fellow passengers, your travel destination and the duration perfectly. Find out more now, and arrange your travel insurance online. 
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Since a range of benefits are important for different living circumstances and holiday destinations, we recommend you arrange insurance in the form of an annual insurance policy. A travel insurance package protects you and your pocket against various risks before and after your trip.

If you want cover on all your trips for 12 months, we recommend you go for the comprehensive Annual Complete Protection package. The combination of cancellation, foreign health and Luggage Insurance covers numerous risks. We will reimburse the costs you incur if you have to cancel your holiday or cut it short, or if you lose your luggage or fall ill while abroad. In addition, you are protected on all trips throughout the year. Arrange your travel insurance package for all your holidays or business trips, flights or car journeys.