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If you choose to rent a motorhome or camper van for your next holiday, we can offer you an insurance policy to limit your financial risk.
Your Reduction of CDW Deductible insurance should be arranged when you hire the vehicle, though it can be arranged up to one day before you collect it.

Bitte geben Sie das Geburtsdatum des Hauptfahrers an. Weitere, auf den Mietwagen eingetragene Fahrer, sind automatisch mitversichert.

date of birth of traveller(s) 1

Bitte geben Sie den Hauptfahrer an. Weitere, auf den Mietwagen eingetragene Fahrer, sind automatisch mitversichert.

date of birth of traveller(s) 1
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Protect your holiday funds with a Reduction of CDW Deductible policy. Your cost impact airbag in case of theft or an accident.
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No matter whether in a rental vehicle or a camper van - any accident can prove expensive. We will pay part of your deductible should an insured event occur.
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  • The Reduction of CDW Deductible is always included in our camper van travel cover products.
  • Our extensive camper travel cover package provides additional cover: You are cover if you have to cancel or postpone your camper van booking for an insured reason – we will pay the cancellation fees.
  • The package also includes luggage and vehicle interior insurance.

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Travel Cancellation Insurance
Reduction of CDW Deductible
Travel Curtailment Insurance
Luggage Insurance
Sum insured: € 6.000,– per object
Camper Interior Insurance
Deductible: € 250,– per object/claim
Sum insured: € 2.500,– per travel
Sample price for single rate: 10 days, travel destination: worldwide, sum insured: 3000 €.

Which events are insured? 

  • Damage to the rental vehicle caused by an accident, attempted theft or vandalism
  • Theft of the rental vehicle

What is reimbursed? 

  • The amount of the deductible for the collision damage insurance owed and billed to you under the vehicle rental agreement
  • Sum insured: This must correspond to the deductible for the collision damage insurance in your vehicle rental agreement; amounts of € 3,000 / € 5,500 / € 8,000 are possible
  • Deductible: You pay € 300 (car) or € 250 / € 500 (camper van) of the reimbursable damage in case of an accident

Uninsured events:

X Damage not covered by the (main) collision damage insurance taken out by the vehicle hirer

X Trips taken by a driver not included in the rental agreement

X Damage to the hire vehicle's interior


Uninsured vehicles:

X Motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles

X Aircraft and watercraft of any kind

X Car-sharing vehicles