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Annual Travel Insurance
coverage for 12 months


Our experts are always there to advise you. Swift and competent. You can call us, write an email or chat with us.
Cancel or wait? We will assist you, and pay the increased cancellation costs once the advice is clear.
If you are unable to travel, we will pay 100% of the cancellation costs on policies with no deductible.

Restrictions or exclusions may apply when staying in or travelling to areas for which the Foreign Office has issued travel warnings, depending on the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

Important information and answers to your questions about your insurance cover can be found under Coronavirus.

  • Allianz Travel offers most of its travel insurance packages as annual insurance and individual trip policies.
  • The right annual travel insurance package for you depends on what you expect from your policy and which risks you want to cover. 
  • Under all our packages, you are protected no matter whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure. It does not matter whether you book your trip with a travel agent or personally arrange your dream holiday online.
  • We offer Travel Cancellation Insurance and international health insurance, as well as travel insurance packages in the form of annual cover. Read on to find out about the benefits provided by the various policies.

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Travel Cancellation Insurance
Travel Assistance with 24 hour emergency call service
Travel Curtailment Insurance
Travel Health Insurance, incl. Real Time emergency card
Return Transport
Luggage Insurance
Travel Liability Insurance
Travel Accident Insurance

Sample price for single rate: two or more trips during the year: € 1000, travel destination: worldwide, 1 adult aged 30 years.

Sample price for family rate: two or more trips during the year, cost of travel: € 1000, travel destination: worldwide, 2 adults aged 30 years, 2 children aged 2 and 5 years.

Attention: For annual insurance policies we are currently not paying the costs of any self-quarantine. Further information can be found here. 

Reiserücktritt-Vollschutz Plus (travel cancellation full cover plus) package (including Travel Health Insurance & without deductible)

29,85 €
Sinle rate, trip price 1.000 €, worldwide, 30 year old adult
Jahres-Reiserücktritt-Vollschutz Plus (annual travel cancellation full cover plus) package (including Travel Health Insurance & without deductible)
29 €
Sinle rate, trip price 1.000 €, worldwide, 30 year old adult
  • Travel Cancellation Insurance
  • Travel Assistance
  • Travel curtailment insurance
  • Luggage Insurance (not included in all packages)
  • Travel Health Insurance, including return transport (only included in packages with a international health insurance element)
  • Travel accident and liability insurance (only included in the Komplettschutz (full cover package))


Are there any limits on the insurance cover provided?

! Information on our insurance cover limits can be found in our General Terms and Conditions of Insurance.

X Existing conditions that were last treated within the six months prior to the start of the insurance cover or the booking of the trip

X A mental disorder episode, if the most recent episode does not date back at least three years, or addictions

X Medical treatment and other medically prescribed therapy which you knew to be essential before the start of the insured period, or which you should have expected given the circumstances known to you

X Acupuncture, massage and spa treatments, fango treatments, lymph drainage

X Video and filming equipment, cameras, including accessories, as checked-in luggage and losses sustained because these are forgotten or lost

X Accidents caused by mental or cognitive disorders, strokes, seizures; this applies also if the condition is caused by drugs or alcohol

X Liability claims made by insured persons travelling together, against one another

  • Do you have any questions about your travel insurance?
  • Not sure which travel cover is right for you?
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  • Want to arrange your cover over the telephone?

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