Travel Health Insurance   

An international health insurance policy provides cover for acute illness or accidents suffered abroad.

Unlimited sum insured for emergency medical treatment. E.g. for inpatient treatment in hospital. 

Corona benefits. We reimburse you for medically necessary treatment abroad.

24/7 service. Our experts will advise you at any time. Quickly and competently. You can call us, write an email or use our chat.

Date of birth of travelers 1
Date of birth of travelers 1
country of residence: Germany
Our experts are always there to advise you. Swift and competent. You can call us, write an email or chat with us.
Cancel or wait? We will assist you, and pay the increased cancellation costs once the advice is clear.
If you are unable to travel, we will pay 100% of the cancellation costs on policies with no deductible.
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Restrictions or exclusions may apply when staying in or travelling to areas for which the Foreign Office has issued travel warnings, depending on the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.
Important information and answers to your questions about your insurance cover can be found on Coronavirus-Info.
  • A doctor's appointment abroad, medical treatment or even return transport to your home country can quickly get expensive. One day in hospital in the USA, for example, can cost around € 6,000, while return transport to Germany costs € 90,000.
  • Return transport from Australia to Germany can be as high as € 120,000. Even in nearer holiday destinations, the cost of doctors' appointments and hospital stays is high. In Egypt, for example, one day in hospital costs around € 1,000 and return transport more than € 20,000.
  • A international health insurance policy offers insurance cover in case of acute illness or accidents abroad. It covers the costs of treatments, and medication, as well as the rescue and recovery costs following an accident abroad. Our International Health Insurance also covers the all-important return transport.
  • Our International Health Insurance will reimburse the costs of any essential medical treatment abroad or the costs for medically advisable and justifiable return transport to the hospital closest to your place of residence.
  • The experts on our internal hotline will help you, for example, look for a suitable doctor, find accommodation for accompanying relatives or provide you with a medical interpreter to translate and explain to you the doctor's diagnosis.

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Travel Assistance with 24 hour emergency call service
Travel Health Insurance
Medical Return Transport
Travel duration
up to 90 days
from 94 days

Sample price for single rate with deductible: 10 days, cost of travel: € 1000, travel destination: Europe, 1 adult aged 30 years.

Sample price for family rate with deductible: 10 days, cost of travel: € 1000, travel destination: Europe, 2 adults aged 30 years, 2 children aged 2 and 5 years.  

Sample price for single rate: two or more trips during the year: € 1,000, travel destination: Europe, 1 adult aged 30 years.

Sample price for family rate: two or more trips during the year, cost of travel: € 1,000, travel destination: Europe, 2 adults aged 30 years, 2 children aged 2 and 5 years.  

  • Medically advisable and justifiable return transport to a suitable hospital close to your place of residence.
  • Medically necessary transport to the hospital abroad and back to your accommodation
  • Medically necessary treatment, medication and medical devices
  • Pain-relieving dental treatment and denture repairs
  • Information about other benefits and services can be found in our General Terms and Conditions of Insurance

X Dental treatments going beyond pain-relieving treatment or denture repairs

X Psychoanalytical and psychotherapeutic therapy

X Medical treatments for which the travel was planned

X Medical treatments known to be required in advance of travel

X Addiction treatment

X Medical devices such as spectacles or hearing aids

X Medical check-ups during pregnancy, childbirth after the 36th week and abortions not medically indicated

X Treatment of injuries sustained during sports competitions, for which you earn a participation fee

  • You know which travel protection you would like to take and you would like to book directly online?
  • Please have the following information ready: Travel period, destination, name and dates of birth of all fellow travelers
  • Pay Attention to the reference "Our recommendation".
    For example, often an annual insurance is cheaper.
Online travel insurance - fast and easy!
  • You still have questions or you are not sure which travel protection is right for you?
  • You need support or you would like to conclude by phone?
  • We're here for you
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  • Foreign health travel insurance cover is an absolute must for all trips. No matter how long or how far the journey, sudden illness or an accident can occur anywhere and at any time. Annual travel insurance saves you having to remember to arrange an international insurance policy before every trip. A doctor's appointment abroad often costs much more. An annual policy can also be more cost-effective than separate policies for each trip.
  • An annual travel insurance policy gives you worldwide protection for 12 months – no matter whether you are taking a business trip, a family holiday or a mini break for just a few da.
  • If you have arranged an international insurance package for the whole family, everyone named on the policy is protected – even if you travel separately. An annual international health insurance package, therefore, affords you maximum travel cover throughout the year for a low premium.
  • We recommend an annual health insurance package for overseas: You will be protected on all trips and do not have to remember to arrange a new policy for every trip.
  • For certain countries (Cuba or Russia for example), you will need valid foreign health cover to obtain a tourist visa. All our international health insurance policies fulfil the necessary requirements and are suitable for visa applications.
  • The travel cover included in many credit card agreements can also be unreliable. The cover often applies only to the card holder and not for fellow travellers or dependants such as partners or children. In addition, the insurance cover usually applies only if you have paid for your trip using that credit card.