Your Travel Cancellation Insurance protects you against costly cancellation charges should you be unable to take your holiday as planned. 
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date of birth of travelers 1
A international health insurance policy provides cover for acute illness or accidents suffered abroad.
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Date of birth of travelers 1
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Our packages allow you to combine travel cancellation, foreign health, travel third party liability and Travel Accident Insurance.

Incoming Health Insurance for up to 3 months

The Incoming Health Protection from Allianz Travel provides health insurance for inbound travel to Germany and Europe.
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Travel Cancellation Insurance reimburses you the cancellation costs if you have to cancel your trip. 
Travel Health Insurance protects you from costly treatment and hospital charges if a loss or damage event occurs. 
The health insurance policy for foreign visitors to Germany and the EU/Schengen area. 
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    For example, often an annual insurance is cheaper.
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